Xi"an lighting school wristbandsway for pedestrians at crosswalks

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Traffic authorities in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, are embracing technology to help make busy roads safer for pedestrians.

Some 50 crosswalks will be outfitted with heat-activated illumination sensors to light the way for people crossing and make pedestrians more visible to oncoming traffic.

When pedestrians enter the crosswalks, the system will detect their presence and activate the lights, making the passage safer at night and in inclement weather.

Xi’an’s first illuminated crosswalk was unveiled in June last year near Northwest University, and the traffic management authority has been closely monitoring its function and recording public feedback.

“Because it’s an outdoor installation, we’ve spent a year examining whether it can withstand a wide range of weather conditions,” said Zhang Yan, a Xi’an traffic police officer helping oversee the new crosswalks.

“It turns out that the system can hold up in extreme weather, and citizens are in favor of this new measure,” he said.

The expanded system is expected to be operational within a year.

Wang Xiaoyu contributed to this story.

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