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Academy"s graduation class given chance to shine on world stage

Graduate students from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts take to the stage at RADA in London. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The cream of Hong Kong"s young acting talent took to the stage at one of Britain"s most prestigious acting institutions on the weekend as the 2019 graduate class of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts acted at London"s Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts, which is known as RADA.

Each year, the academy"s students make an overseas performing tour, and, following on from visits in recent years to Austria and Slovakia, this year"s graduation class traveled to the United Kingdom to perform Dust and Dawn, which was written by the school"s dean, Poon Wai-Sun, and directed by one of its lecturers, Tony Wong.

"We"ve been developing a lot of partnerships with institutions in London like Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, also Central Saint Martins, and now RADA is a new partner with whom we want to establish collaboration, so we were thrilled they answered our call and accepted our exchange proposal," the academy"s senior lecturer, Janice Poon, told China Daily. "The whole tour has been a learning experience for the students – we"ve had some actors fall sick or be injured, so we may have to change the cast.

"Things like this, when you"re performing overseas for the first time, are character-building. The space they"re performing in is very different to what they"re used to, and there"s a communication barrier too, as we perform in Chinese with the audience reading subtitles, so the response is very different – all of this flexibility is proving a very good experience for them."

She said the play is "set in the martial arts world of ancient China", and is about the friendship between the protagonist and three heroines who are trying to help and support him when he becomes leader of the group.

"It"s based on traditional folk tales but speaks to a contemporary audience because the friendships and relationships still apply to modern-day situations," she added.

The students" 10-day trip to London saw them perform twice. They also took part in workshops with RADA pupils and staff. Poon said she hoped the visit offered an opportunity for the academy and its pupils to showcase their talents and potentially increase their employment prospects.

"I asked some casting directors to watch the show and I had a meeting the other day with someone who saw the first performance, so, hopefully, there will be opportunities for our students to perform on the international stage after this," she said.

In the recent QS International Ranking of Performing Arts institutions, the Hong Kong Academy was ranked first in Asia, and 13th in the world, so teaming up with RADA, which produced actors including Kenneth Branagh, Ralph Fiennes, Juliet Stevenson, and Glenda Jackson, seems a good fit. And the academy"s demanding standards mean its graduates are some of the most employable young talents around.

"In Hong Kong, we have a trilingual policy and also biliteracy, most of our students speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, and some have a fourth language as well," said Poon. "Also, we use Eastern and Western theater training, our students have to practice tai chi, meditation, and martial arts every day, but they"re also learning Western things, like the Stanislavski technique. By blending East and West training skills, we"re merging techniques into creating performances that are unique."

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